2016 IEEE International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and
Programming for Autonomous Robots, San Francisco, Dec 13-16

Program Details

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Day 1: Tuesday, Dec 13

8:00 Workshops and Tutorials
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
12:00-13:00 Lunch
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
17:00 End
18:00 Welcome Reception at Parc55
21:00 End


Day 2: Wednesday, Dec 14


Session Title Time Paper Title Authors
    8:30 Welcome and Opening  
  Plenary Talk 8:40 Simulation and Optimal Control with Soft-Contact Dynamics Emo Todorov
W-1 Modeling Framework for Robots and Environments I (Chairs: Marco Pavone and Samir Menon) 9:30 Adaptive Handling Assistance for Industrial Lightweight Robots in Simulation Agathe Balayn, Jeffrey Queisser, Michael Wojtynek, Sebastian Wrede
  9:50 Fast Radioactive Hotspot Localization Using a UAV Abdullah Al Redwan Newaz, Sungmoon Jeong, Nak Young Chong
    10:10 Coffee Break
W-2 3D Robot Simulation and Mathematical Modeling of Robots (Chairs: Nilanjan Chakraborty and Evan Drumwright) 10:40 Rigid Body Dynamic Simulation with Line and Surface Contact Jiayin Xie, Nilanjan Chakraborty
  11:00 Determining Contact Data for Rigid Body Dynamics with Convex Polyhedral Geometries Bjoern Cheng Yi, Evan Drumwright
  11:20 An Adaptive Position Optimization Approach for an Actuated Localization Network in Solid Glacier Environments Sebastian Schoenitz, Sebastian Reuter, Rene Vossen, Sabina Jeschke
  11:40 A Generic Simulator for Underactuated Compliant Hands Alessio Rocchi, Kris Hauser
    12:00 Lunch  
W-3 Machine Learning and Middleware for Robotics (Chairs: Yasmin Ansari and Carolyn Chen) 13:00 Learning to Identify Container Contents through Tactile Vibration Signatures Carolyn Chen, Peter Ramadge, Jeffrey Snyder
  13:20 Point-to-Point Motion Controller for Soft Robotic Manipulators Yasmin Ansari, Egidio Falotico, Matteo Cianchetti, Cecilia Laschi
  13:40 DyKnow: A Dynamically Reconfigurable Stream Reasoning Framework as an Extension to the Robot Operating System Daniel de Leng, Fredrik Heintz
  14:00 Cognitive Robot Programming using Procedural Parameters and Complex Event Processing Floris Marc Arden Erich, Kenji Suzuki
    14:20 Break  
    14:30 Pre-boarding keynote: Passive Dynamics is a Good Basis for Robot Design and Control, Not Andy Ruina
    15:10 Break  
  Dinner Cruise 15:20 Transfer to Pier 40  
    16:15 Board boat  
    16:30 Depart from South Beach Harbour  
    19:15 Return to South Beach Harbour  
    19:30 Tranfer to Parc 55 Hotel  
    20:30 End  


Day 3: Thursday, Dec 15


Session Title Time Paper Title Authors
  Plenary Talk 8:30 Closing the Reality Gap in Robot Simulation Using Machine Learning Erwin Coumans
T-1 Modeling Framework for Robots and Environments II (Chairs: Katja Mombaur and Samir Menon) 9:20 A Formal Approach to Discrepancy Generation for Systematic Testing of Execution Monitoring Algorithms in Simulation Gokay Coruhlu, Esra Erdem, Volkan Patoglu
  9:40 RPSL Meets Lightning: A Model-Based Approach to Design Space Exploration of Robot Perception Systems Nico Hochgeschwender, Loïc Gammaitoni
    10:00 Coffee Break  
T-2 Modeling Framework for Robots and Environments III (Chairs: Hochgeschwender Nico and Guilhem Saurel) 10:30 Graph-Based Software Knowledge: Storage and Semantic Querying of Domain Models for Run-Time Adaptation Nico Hochgeschwender, Sven Schneider, Holger Voos, Herman Bruyninckx, Gerhard Kraetzschmar
  10:50 Fast Derivatives of Rigid Body Dynamics for Control, Optimization and Estimation Michael Neunert, Markus Giftthaler, Marco Frigerio, Claudio Semini, Jonas Buchli
  11:10 Formalizing the specifications of a domain-specific language for authoring behaviour of personal service robots Chandan Datta, Elizabeth Broadbent, Bruce MacDonald
  11:30 A Simulation Framework for Simultaneous Design and Control of Passive Walkers Guilhem Saurel, Justin Carpentier, Jean-Paul Laumond
    11:50 Lunch  
T-3 Modeling Framework for Robots and Environments IV (Chairs: Christian Duriez and Nahum Alvarez) 12:50 Framework for online simulation of soft robots with optimization-based inverse model Christian Duriez, Eulalie Coevoet, Frederick Largilliere, Thor Enrique Morales Bieze, Zhongkai Zhang, Mario Sanz Lopez, Carrez Bruno, Marchal Damien, Olivier Goury, Jeremie Dequidt
  13:10 Stable Simulation of Flexible Cable-Like Objects by using Serial Kinematic Chains with High Number of Passive Degrees-of-Freedom Rafael Cisneros Limon, Ryo Kikuuwe, Shin'ichiro Nakaoka, Fumio Kanehiro
  13:30 Towards a framework for end-to-end control of a simulated vehicle with spiking neural networks Jacques Kaiser, Juan Camilo Vasquez Tieck, Johannes Christian Hubschneider, Peter Wolf, Michael Weber, Michael Hoff, Alexander Friedrich, Konrad Wojtasik, Arne Roennau, Ralf Kohlhaas, Rüdiger Dillmann, Johann Marius Zöllner
  13:50 An Approach to Realistic Physical Simulation of Digitally Captured Deformable Linear Objects Nahum Alvarez, Kimitoshi Yamazaki, Takamitsu Matsubara
    14:10 Coffee Break  
T-4 Simulation and Robot Design I (Chairs: Jing Xiao and Aristotelis-Angelos Papadopoulos) 14:40 Unified Swing up and Upright Position Stabilizing Controllers for Inverted-Pendulum on a Cart Aristotelis-Agelos Papadopoulos, Antonio Alexandridis
  15:00 A comparative study of leg geometry for energy-efficient locomotion Pranav Bhounsule, Jason Pusey, Chelsea Moussouni
  15:20 Model-Based Testing of Real-Time Adaptive Motion Planning (RAMP) Mahmoud Abdelgawad, Sterling McLeod, Anneliese Andrews, Jing Xiao
  15:40 Configuration System for Simulation Based Design of Vibratory Bowl Feeders Michael Natapon Hansson, Simon Mathiesen, Lars-Peter Ellekilde, Ole Madsen
    16:00 Coffee Break  
T-5 Simulation and Robot Design II (Chairs: Stanislao Grazioso and Alex Lotz) 16:30 Combining Robotics Component-Based Model-Driven Development with a Model-Based Performance Analysis Alex Lotz, Arne Hamann, Ralph Lange, Jan Staschulat, Christian Heinzemann, Dennis Stampfer, Matthias Lutz, Christian Schlegel
  16:50 Optimizing Grippers for Compensating Pose Uncertainties by Dynamic Simulation Adam Wolniakowski, Aljaz Kramberger, Andrej Gams, Dimitrios Chrysostomou, Frederik Hagelskjær, Thomas Nicky Thulesen, Lilita Kiforenko, Anders Glent Buch, Leon Bodenhagen, Henrik Gordon Petersen, Ole Madsen, Ales Ude, Norbert Krüger
  17:10 A Nonlinear Finite Element Formalism for Modelling Flexible Manipulators Stanislao Grazioso, Valentin Sonneville, Giuseppe Di Gironimo, Bruno Siciliano
  17:30 Muscle Synergies for Reliable NAO Arm Motion Control: an Online Simulation with Real-Time Constraints Andrea Cimolato, Enrico Piovanelli, Roberto Bortoletto, Emanuele Menegatti, Enrico Pagello
    17:50 End  


Day 4: Friday, Dec 16


Session Title Time Paper Title Authors
  Plenary Talk 8:30 Experimental Human-Centered Robots Luis Sentis
F-1 Multi-Robot Systems (Chairs: Hanna Kurniawati and Torsten Kroeger) 9:20 Decentralized Allocation of Tasks with Temporal and Precedence Constraints to a Team of Robots Ernesto Nunes, Mitchell McIntire, Maria Gini
  9:40 Robot teleoperation support system for collision avoidance between wheelchair front wheels and a step Hidetoshi Ikeda, Kazuki Hashimoto, Daisuke Murayama, Rikuto Yamazaki, Eiji Nakano
    10:00 Coffee Break  
F-2 Reliability, Scalability, and Validation of Robot Simulation (Chairs: John Shepherd and Ruth Malin Schemschat) 10:30 A Data-Driven Large-Scale Optimization Approach for Task-Specific Physics Realism in Real-Time Robotics Simulation Andreas Bihlmaier, Kai Kohlhoff
  10:50 Large-Scale Supervised Learning of the Grasp Robustness of Surface Patch Pairs Daniel Seita, Florian T. Pokorny, Jeffrey Mahler, Danica Kragic, Michael Franklin, John F. Canny, Ken Goldberg
  11:10 Optimization Based Analysis of Push Recovery During Walking Motions to Support the Design of Lower-Limb Exoskeletons Ruth Malin Schemschat, Debora Clever, Katja Mombaur
  11:30 Fast Multi-Body Simulations of Robots Controlled with Error Feedback John Shepherd, Samuel Zapolsky, Evan Drumwright
    11:50 Lunch  
F-3 Simulated Sensors and Actuators (Chairs: Evan Kaufman and Jalil Modares) 12:50 Collision Avoidance by IPMC Actuated Robotic Fish using the Collision Cone Approach Vishwamithra Sunkara, Zhihang Ye, Animesh Chakravarthy, Zheng Chen
  13:10 Autonomous Exploration by Expected Information Gain from Probabilistic Occupancy Grid Mapping Evan Kaufman, Taeyoung Lee, Zhuming Ai
  13:30 UB-ANC Emulator: An Emulation Framework for Multi-Agent Drone Networks Jalil Modares, Nicholas Mastronarde, Karthik Dantu
  13:50 An Interactive Simulator for Deformable Linear Objects Manipulation Planning Nahum Alvarez, Kimitoshi Yamazaki
    14:10 Coffee Break  
F-4 Testing and Validation of Robot Software (Chairs: Johannes Wienke and Kevin Gucwa) 14:40 A toolbox for multi-objective planning in non-deterministic environments with simulation validation Seyedshams Feyzabadi, Stefano Carpin
  15:00 Continuous Regression Testing for Component Resource Utilization Johannes Wienke, Sebastian Wrede
  15:20 Run-time Verification of Regularly Expressed Behavioral Properties in Robotic Systems with Logic-Labeled Finite State Machines Vladimir Estivill-Castro, Rene Hexel
  15:40 Autonomous Central Pattern Generator Equation Generation for Coordinated Modular Robot Locomotion Kevin Gucwa, Harry Cheng
    16:00 Coffee Break  
F-5 Testing and Validation of Robot Software II (Chairs: Marc René Zofka and James Taylor) 16:30 Analysis of Grasping Failures in Multi-Rigid Body Simulations James Taylor, Evan Drumwright, John Hsu
  16:50 A formal specification of the RT-Middleware data transfer protocol Geoffrey Biggs, Noriaki Ando
  17:10 State Estimation of a Wild Robot Toward Validation of Rigid Body Simulation James Taylor, Evan Drumwright
  17:30 Simulation Framework for the Development of Autonomous Small Scale Vehicles Marc René Zofka, Florian Kuhnt, Ralf Kohlhaas, Johann Marius Zöllner
    17:50 Paper Awards and Closing Notes  
    18:10 Farewell Reception in the Parc 55  
    20:00 End  


Day 5: Saturday, Dec 17


Technical tour to the robotics labs at UC Berkeley and Stanford University
Co-organized by WAFR 2016 and SIMPAR 2016 (tickets here)
8:15 Boarding (Parc 55 Hotel, 55 Cyril Magnin St)
8:30 Bus departure
8:45 Pick up WAFR attendees (Hotel Vitale, 8 Mission St)
9:45 Arrival at Stanford University
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Departure from Stanford University
15:30 Arrival at UC Berkeley
17:45 Departure from UC Berkeley
18:30 Arrival at Hotel Vitale
18:45 Arrival at Parc 55 Hotel